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DiSC In Your Favor

This Module is about increasing your communication success with internal and external business partners.

What Is DiSC?

DiSC is a highly validated, user-friendly behavior model that explains why people do what they do!

The DISC assessment is a simple, practical, and highly accurate tool that measures communication behaviors. It first helps us to understand our own styles, and then equally as important, how to enhance communications with others.

It does not measure intelligence, values, or performance, but rather encourages us to explore all behavior styles and appreciate the differences. By learning how to read other people’s styles you can modify the way you interact and as a result, enhance the effectiveness of your messages.

The DiSC Model

The DISC refers to the four core sets of behavior patterns (styles, languages); Dominant, Influence, Steady and Conscientious. The first letter of each of the patterns creates an easy to remember acronym: D I S C.

The various combinations of the four determine our own natural (native) DISC communication style (language.) No combination is better than another.

Each behavior style has a significantly different priority or orientation. Each priority denotes a specific focus that generates personal energy and motivation, and as a result there is a wide variance in the preferences to act.

DiSC Training Overview

  • What is DISC?
    • “DISC” = The 4 primary Communication Styles .
    • Dominate, Influence, Steady, Conscientious.
    • You can observe these styles in common events.
  • DISC Assessment
    • “DISC Assessment = Online Self-Assessment.
    • Identifies one’s preferred way of communicating.
    • You will receive email with a link.
    • Takes about 15 minutes to complete.
    • You are emailed the results. This is your DISC Report.
  • DISC Report
    • DISC Report provides information about:
      • Your preferred communication style(s.)
      • How to identify other people’s styles.
      • Strategies to use when communicating with others,
        for even greater success.
    • FYI
      • Natural Style based on Nature & Nurture.
      • No style is better than another.
      • It’s normal to have style(s) below “50.”.
  • Pre-work Assignment
    • Complete Online Assessment.(Link will be emailed to you.)
    • Print your complete DISC Report.
      (You will be immediately receive an email with your
      DISC Report.)
    • Have your completed DISC Report on our next
      coaching call in Module 12.
  • DISC Training Session
    • DISC Training Objectives:
      • Learn about 4 DISC Styles.
      • Gain Insight on Your Style(s.).
      • Know How to Identify Other Styles.
      • Learn Strategies to Increase Success.
      • Gain a Personal Plan for Using ASAP.

Download Four Basic DISC Profiles