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The Value of Business Briefings

In my experience, scheduling recurring “Business Briefings” with top clientele is very strategic and they add value to both your client and to you as the business expert.

Let’s Formalize What A Business Briefing Is:

A Business Briefing is a highly customized and customer-centric dialogue between key decision makers from high potential accounts and subject matter experts from the host company who have a high degree of business acumen, technical expertise and a deep understanding of the customer’s business and markets.

Business Briefing Value

These events offer exceptional opportunities for relationship building, contribution to business results and customer insights that might inform future strategies and solutions.

The events take place in a center designed for the purpose, usually at the host company’s headquarters (although companies with well-established briefing programs may have regional briefing centers as well). Although, once your relationship is solid with your client, hosting video conferences is a great alternative.

These sessions are to engage with your client’s future marketing and sales objectives that often change. It’s only for brainstorming and information gathering purposes. Consequently, if there is a new product or service that may assist your client’s future objectives, give them a presentation (without the pitch for the close). You are only planting seeds.

I have also been successful introducing a third party partner to a business briefing. Many times providing consultative options and solutions are invaluable to client’s because they trust YOU! (More about third party partners a bit later.)

Business Briefing Prep

Make sure you have an agenda (agenda template below) that you share with your client before your scheduled meeting. Thus, giving your customer time to prep and provide answers to your questions. It’s also critical to stick to the scheduled “end of session” time as this action demonstrates that you respect your customer’s time.

Download Meeting Agenda Template

Get into a Business Briefing Rhythm

Orchestrate business briefings with your top clientele. If your client is in a momentous growth pattern, schedule briefings once per quarter to make sure you are up to speed on their latest strategies and tactics. Otherwise, every six months is sufficient.

These briefings will distinguish you as “the” expert in your niche. Most business owners are not positioned nor seen as business partners with their clients. Therefore, their clients jump ship at will because they don’t see the “value” of their relationship. Again, you are now differentiating yourself from competitors. Be Brilliant!