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Be A Source Of Solutions…

This segment outlines the importance of providing the best options to potential clients, even if it means not being awarded business.

For example, let’s say your company is in the Home Theater installation business. After you meet with your potential client, uncover their needs and determine their budget, schedule another time to follow up with your solution options.

In this scenario you learn that your potential client wants the ability for distributed video (distributed video is a distributed, multi-room audio system) in their home to save on monthly cable box charges.

However, you don’t have the expertise or partners aligned to offer this solution, and yes this happens. …. You can offer solutions that you do have and are able to support, or you can do the research and offer Home Theater companies that can provide the entire package, thus being able to integrate the entire solution properly.

Give the customer the pros and cons of your options and allow them to make the appropriate choice.

In this true scenario, the client decided to partner with the initial Home Theater Company because they were honest, and cost effective. You see, in the total scheme of Home Theater solutions, the “distributed video” feature was not that important. True Story!

Note: The best marketing method is (WOM) Word of Mouth.