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Showing an appreciation to your loyal or high revenue customer base is both easy to do, and not easy to do! Think about the how frequently you patronize large or small businesses and how they show YOU appreciation. In my experience this does not happen as much as it could or should!

Enjoy this touching video below from TD Canada Trust with hopes you are inspired to take massive action in the “Appreciation” space.

Customer appreciation plays an important role in retaining customers. Research shows 68% of customers change brands because of “perceived indifference.” In other words, customers felt as though the business do not care if they supported them or not.

Additionally, It’s harder to find and keep new loyal clientele. So why not do a better job retaining the clients you have.

I would be remiss if I didn’t outline some ideas to demonstrate customer appreciation. I want you to put thought into this, and consider showing appreciation that you wouldn’t mind receiving! That was my approach when compiling this list:

    • Surprise and delight Pick a customer, any customer, and delight them by giving them something for being a customer. It could be a branded or non-branded item.


    • After-hours private events– Open your business to your best customers, and them alone. Provide food and drinks and entertainment, or simply give them first crack at purchasing your new product.


    • Randomly cover a customer’s cost on occasion– The pay it forward trend is one of the better feel good trends over the past year. Instead of customers paying for other customers, why not just randomly give someone their purchase for free?


    • Create a charitable giving program– People love doing business with businesses that do-good. Donate a portion of your proceeds to a good cause. Or, reach out to a select set of valued customers and let them know you’d like to make a contribution to their favorite charity in their honor.


    • Send a holiday gift – Consider giving customers a free gift around the holidays, or when your business reaches a certain milestone, like a 10-year anniversary.


    • Meet with customers off site – Say thanks by taking a customer out to coffee or lunch. It’s not something you’ll do for every customer, but it’s a nice way to show appreciation for those special few who patronize your business frequently.


    • Start a loyalty program – Invite your most loyal customers into a VIP rewards program. Customers love the red carpet treatment. Your rewards program doesn’t have to be complex; it can be as simple as offering customers an annual discount on their anniversary.


    • Send a treat – Cookies and candy are a winning idea. However, consider your audience.


    • Throw a party – Other great party ideas include a picnic, a wine tasting or a barbeque. Sponsor activities that encourage interaction and, most importantly, fun! Take plenty of pictures and post on social media.


  • Send gift cards – If your company has the resources to send gift cards, by all means do it. The card can be as small as a $5 Starbucks card or as generous as a $100 gift card to a restaurant that gets rave reviews. This is another great opportunity to use your database intelligence to give a gift that’s personalized to their tastes.

Again, Appreciation does not have to be expensive however; it just needs to be meaningful. A thank you can change someone’s day while also creating raving fans. These fans will share their experiences with others thus, increasing your new customer conversion. Be SMART and Be BRILLIANT!