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Exploring Why Customers’ Buy

Leadership Expert, Simon Sinek describes some of the most common marketing techniques, and then develops his idea of “The Golden Circle” which explains how some companies, like Apple for example, make their sales based purely on inspiration.

Indeed, despite the fact that most Apple products are quite expensive, there are always long queues in front of their stores when a new product is being launched.

So lets explore 5 core reasons why customers will buy your product or service.

  • Saves Time – Adding time to an organization to help them become more productive or efficient is critical to many companies.
  • Saves Money / Cost Reductions – Cost reduction is the process used by companies to reduce their costs and increase their profits. Depending on a company’s services or product, the strategies can vary. Every decision in the product development affects costs.
  • Improve Company Image – The single most important factor in the corporate image is a company’s core business performance; performance, by definition, includes financial results. Image impacts; style, reputation and public relations.
  • Enhances Product – An enhancement is a product is a formal approach to the analysis of performance and or systematic efforts to improve.
  • Professional Recognition – Being recognized for initiating a program that added value to the organization. Hence, posturing and positioning for advancement.

Saves Time

Let’s begin with the endeavor of your product or service potentially saving your customer time. This could be a benefit to your client that may not have been entirely explored.

Consider ALL scenarios before disregarding this theory. As a gentle reminder, I want you to think outside of the box here. In fact, get rid of the box all together!

If your product saves your client time… explore all the potential options of exactly why this benefit can be possible. Write this down because you will need these benefits to share with your extended teams, and to share with your client when scheduled briefings (will discuss later) take place.