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Exploring Why Customers’ Buy

Professional Recognition – The customer’s “why” is a very personal thing. To review, it is being recognized for initiating a program that added value to the organization. Hence, your client may be posturing and positioning for advancement or just angling for a personal win. You must have intricate discussions with your client to determine their emotional “why” for making this particular buying decision and help them WIN!

Likewise, your customer must trust you, your product, and your product support team. Making the right decision to buy can result in the ultimate recognition and an accomplishment for your client.

Conversely, if your client makes a risky or poor decision, this can destroy the credibility of the buyer, while also eroding the business relationship with you. However, if you understand the external and personal buying needs of your client, you can coach them to buy, or not.

Let’s look at some examples of personal wins in B2B settings.

There are, of course, an infinite number of wins, and each one depends on the person, and the job they are in. Wins also depend upon the personality of the person, their ambitions and goals, and what they hold as important to their professional growth and for their life.

Your job is to learn your clients’ personal motivation for buying.