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The 212 Degrees Paradigm Shift in Business website is a membership site. What does that mean? It means that you can only access one part of the course after finishing the previous parts. Meaning you can only access Module 2 after completing Module 1. Why is this done?

This process is done to make sure that you are completing the Modules in a particular flow and you are not merely jumping around. This strategy will ensure that you gain maximum knowledge and that you can execute strategies, tactics and your professional development as intended.

Each segment has a specific time limit. If you cannot finish the section in A week or two because of various reasons, please send an email of your circumstances and advise of when you will re-engage in your program.

This is done for a particular reason. In the past, many of our clients lost momentum and motivation because we let them do the program at their own pace. Keeping clients accountable and giving them a countdown has been, by far the best way to unlock your hidden potential.

During various points in the program, I will be directing you to submit your work for review. You will be asked to upload a form or document so that I may check your understanding.

The reason why I will ask you to upload these files is that I do not want you to waste a single moment. I want you to be empowered, accelerate, refine your work and achieve. There will be no wastage of time in this program.

You’ll also be getting weekly Q and A sessions with Lisa or one of the industry’s thought leaders. Let me tell you a little more about how the Q and A works. 

The Q&A Session

The Q&A session is one of the most exciting and rewarding things that you will get out of the 212 Degrees Paradigm Shift in Business Program. At least 80% of the people who will join this membership program will have the same business growth concerns and these common problems are addressed on our weekly Q&A call.

**CAUTION: Do Not Feed The Fears**

Here are some things that you need to be aware of while you are in the program:

  • Remember to do “mindset” work (affirmations, prayer, meditation, etc.) each and every day.
  • Don’t point fingers or blame others, take total responsibility for your business and your life.
  • Perfectionism = Procrastination. Do not pursue perfectionism. Be as result oriented as possible.
  • Take initiative, this is not school. Business is an art, not a science.
  • Take a day off every week. It is important to recharge the batteries in your brain.
  • Educating without acting, is the equivalent of a false start. Therefore, you must take action. If you do not take the required action throughout the program then you are not going to gain anything.

Asking For Help and Contributing

Master how to be a great life long learner, as well as a great mentor, the people that do best celebrate their successes together, they share their failures, and allow others to learn, and most importantly contribute.

  • During the Q&A sessions it is your duty to help your fellow students as much as possible and to give them as much support as you can. Also you must ask high value questions to make sure that everyone gets to learn something new every single time.
  • You will be joining my Facebook group as well and in it you should share as much as possible. If you come across something valuable that you feel that everyone can learn from, share it in the group. If your fellow student is stuck somewhere then you must help them. Internalize this sense of duty and share your knowledge.