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Again, before we begin, I want you take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for taking this step.

The very fact that you have taken this step of investing your time and money into the “212 Degrees Paradigm Shift in Business” program shows me that you are serious about growth and development in yourself and your business.

So let me give you an overview of the program.

What is the aim of the “212 Degrees Paradigm Shift in Business” program?

The goal is that you have:

  • An increase in annual sales revenue by 21.5%+
  • An increase in new customer conversion
  • And, experience growth and professional development that you can cascade to key staff.

This program is a very action intensive; if you do not take the required steps or do not do the homework, then you won’t get the results. So please get-up, show-up, and take massive action! 

Getting to the program. The program is divided into three segments:

Empower   1:  Power-Up

Accelerate 2:  Metrics Boost

Achieve     3:  Being SMART

Empower 1: Power-Up

This is the introductory segment you will learn who you serve and why they buy.

Learning module line-up:

  • Understanding 5 reasons why people buy.
  • Defining whom you serve.
  • Understanding sales dynamics.
  • Understanding and creating your value proposition.
  • Creating feature, advantage and benefit statements.

This segment will help “power-up” your business acumen and define your customer base.

Accelerate 2: Metrics Boost

Ah, now we come to the significance of your numbers and what are they telling you segment.

What you will uncover and discover:

  • Performing a SWOT analysis of your business and why it’s important.
  • Where are your opportunities?
  • Knowing and understanding your metrics.
  • What your growth goal for new customer conversion and revenue will be.
  • Developing SMART goals for attainment
  • Engage in a one-on-one coaching Session with Lisa to review your metrics and to discuss your action plan for growth.
  • Assessing your DiSC style of behavior and how to adapt to different styles. 

Now that you understand your metrics, goal setting and adapting to client behaviors’ it’s time to move to segment 3.

Achieve 3: Being SMART

The focus here is to build your 3rd party partners and referral base while strengthening your sales and leadership competencies.

What you will learn and execute:

  • Developing 3rd party partners and analyzing potential connection points.
  • How referrals and partners can extend your product reach.
  • Strengthen leadership and sales competencies.
  • Engage in a one-on-one coaching Session with Lisa to unpack and review your developmental areas of opportunities as it relates to leadership and sales skills.
  • Create personal development SMART goals for self and key members of staff.

Development Readiness

Make Development A Top Priority

On your mark, get set… GO!

Start by scheduling 1 hour 5 days a week for your development. Even if it means you break your daily development time into 2, 30-minute segments. Put it on your calendar to keep this time “protected” and honor it. Don’t take calls or impromptu meetings, don’t text, tweet or multi-task.

Set expectations with your family, colleagues and various team members of your development schedule. Respectfully advise them that you are not to be interrupted during that period.

Or you can simply:

  • Disconnect from your devices during that time. I promise all the potential interruptions will be waiting for you afterward.
  • Leave a colleague or an admin support person empowered to intercede on your behalf.
  • Schedule your development time very early or late enough that the chances of any disruptions would be at a minimum.

There’s one thing I know for sure, the professional developmental process will become a habit in 30 days if done with consistency, enthusiasm, and focus. Aristotle said, “95% of everything you do is the result of a habit.”

Look Forward to Development

Approaching your development with a poor and disempowering attitude is easy. Looking forward to personal improvement is easy to do, and it’s also easy not to do. If you are looking at your development, as it’s just another thing to cross off your to-do list, you are planning to fail.

However, I’ve found that personal development is one of the most enjoyable parts of my day. Why? Because it’s something, I look forward to.

Let’s say you’ve decided to do personal development first thing in the morning – and you’ll be getting up a bit earlier to do it. It will be very, very tempting to just stay in bed and sleep through that designated time. That’s why I recommend making it something you get excited about.

Perhaps you create a ritual where you pour yourself a hot cup of tea and sit in a cozy chair where you can look out the window at your favorite view. Or maybe you curl up in front of the fire with a cozy blanket and cup of coffee.

Whatever the ritual looks like, make it something that you look forward to each day, so you take the time to invest in yourself. For me, I grab a cup of coffee, read a daily devotional and dive into a Ted Talk, Podcast or a self-help book that inspires me for development. Personally, I’m more focused and productive in the morning. You get to decide what time of the day will work best for you.