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Strengthen Your Innovation Management Leadership Competency

This module reviews core leadership competency of Innovation Management.

Take a look at each Leadership skill definition and assess if you use these skills; rarely (25%), some of the time (50%), or most of the time (>75%).

The skill definitions where you ranked less that <75% skilled, are areas that you need to focus on for your growth and development. Do not check that box.

Innovation Management Competency

In the competency checklist below, only check the skill definition boxes if you have a high proficiency rank here. Again, only check the box if you are proficient in each skill more than 75% of the time!

This indicates that the boxes that were not checked may be very relevant to positively impacting your business. Depending on your business and industry, there are several develop-in-place assignments to aide in your growth and development. Of course you may be creative and design your own path for development that is relative to your business.

To determine if you are skilled in this competency do the following: Hover your mouse over the pie chart and a number will display. Now, go over each component in the pie chart and add all the displayed numbers. If the total number is greater than 75% congratulations, you are skilled in this competency.

Some Develop-in-Place Assignments:

  • Manage a group of people in a rapidly expanding or growing operation.
  • Launch a new product, service, or process.
  • Seek out and use a seed budget to create and pursue a personal idea, product, or service. Thinking outside the box.
  • Monitor and follow a new product or service through the entire idea, design, test market, and launch cycle.

Again, relaunch and own an existing product or service that’s not doing well.