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Exploring Why Customers’ Buy

Improve Company Image – Let’s review the single most important factor in the corporate image is a company’s core business performance; performance, by definition, which also includes financial results. Image can impact; style, reputation and public relations.

Now, Let’s explore how your product or service may potentially improve or enhance you client’s image. Again, this could be a benefit you or your client may not have entirely explored. Consider ALL scenarios before moving through this segment.

Let’s look at several ways that a company’s image can be improved:

  • Active Social Media Presence:Every Company in the modern world needs an active social media presence.
  • Website Appearance:Like it or not, a website may be the first impression a potential customer has with your client’s organization. Can you add value?
  • Corporate Culture:Often overlooked in today’s fast-paced digital world is the importance of the corporate culture. Word spreads fast nowadays. Employees who have a positive work experience share it through their own social media channels and word gets around.
  • Technology Enhancement: I had a client that upgraded all of their technology to Apple; therefore believing this investment improved their company image. They also updated their social media footprint to display their new innovative technology at employee desks.

As a pushy reminder, be imaginative in thought here. Consider asking very pointed questions to key stakeholders or marketing leaders to learn about their opinions of how to improve their internal or external image. And more importantly, how your business can help!

As guided before, write down everything you learn about your clients’ company image desires. Remember, even if their isn’t an opportunity at present, the opportunity may be revealed at a later time. Additionally, this information may be helpful if you have a 3rd party partner (will be address in a later module) that you trust to address the image needs of your client.