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The Power Of Featured Products

In your business/industry what are the core featured products that you offer with the majority of your sales?

Others have also associated “Featured Products” with “Staple Goods,” depending on the industry that’s served.

Staple goods (also known as staple products, staples, core products, featured products and necessity goods) are inventoried items that are core to your business.

Examples of staple goods/featured products

At McDonald’s, if you have not ordered French Fries with your order… the server will ask, “would you like fries with that?” Or, if you have ordered fries the server will ask, “would you like an Apple Pie with that?” There was a plan A and a plan B of featured products that were offered.

Another cool example is a trip to the Apple Store. If you are in the market for an iPhone, the Specialist will ask if you would like an iPhone cover, and of course you will be asked to purchase, AppleCare for iPhone support with your purchase. Which are both great-featured product staples in the technology space.

Other examples, hooks and fishing line are staples of a tackle shop. Golf balls are a staple product for a golf pro shop. If you have grocery store, bread, milk and eggs are likely among your staples.

Most customers are only uniquely aware of staples when you’ve sold out. Consider what can happen to grocery store shelves during emergency weather conditions.

On the rare occasion each year when warm climate states get ice and snow as it did in Atlanta a few years ago, the grocery store shelves are emptied of the “staple goods” by worried consumers who fear they will be stuck at home for an extended period of time.

Why staple goods/featured products are important

Regardless of your product or service, there should always be add-on accessories, or services to complement the sale, and that positively impacts the customer experience. If your client does not know the featured product, remember to use your FAB statement to make the connection.

Remember, if you don’t offer a staple or featured product to accompany a sale, a competitor will. At that point the customer experience wanes because they had to go elsewhere to find what they needed. How many times has that happened to you as the consumer?

The benefit of executing this strategy and tactic is a happy customer, while also increasing your average order size, thus positively impacting your revenue.

Points to consider; as with the McDonald’s scenario, create several featured product offerings to pitch to keep the purchase experience “fresh” for the customer.