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Exploring Why Customers’ Buy

Enhances Product – Let’s review, enhancing a product is a formal approach to the analysis of performance and systematic efforts to improve it.

Therefore, Recognize that customers buy solutions, not products or services. They are interested in what your services can do to help solve their problems or make life easier for them. They care less about the details of your product or service than how its “superior features” will benefit them and their company. Differentiate!

Now, Let’s explore how your product or service can potentially make your customers’ problems go away. Your first task is to help prospects understand how much better their lives will be with your product or service compared to the way it is now.

However, make sure you completely understand their current pain-points or you will appear dishonest.

These are the things customers hope to achieve and avoid most:

  • Gains, profit, productivity, performance, convenience, quality and safety.
  • Less pain, hassles, back orders, waiting time, breakdowns, mistakes, and downtime.

Consider ALL scenarios on how you are able to improve or enhance your customers’ product or services. Write them down. This information will be paramount when preparing for your scheduled briefings.