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It’s time to take a long profitable look where you are NOW, in your business before you create the goal of where you are going!

Think about your core product or services… If you have a spreadsheet, access it now and review your Product Profit Margin that is typically expressed as percentages. Where did these percentages come from? How long ago were these numbers calculated?

Are the product profit margins accurate and where they should be? The problem could be how much production, how much money, how much profit or simply how many sales days to break-even?

This automatically gives relevance to the numbers that you are working with because you are working with money, time (days, weeks, months, quarters, years) and the answer will either tell you whether you have mistakes which will cost you money or doing it right and making profit.

Understand that regardless of industry, business has a vernacular (net, gross, cost of goods, markup, markdown, margin) that you need to know, to be able to understand conversations with business people. This will enable you to determine if connecting with a 3rd party partner will be a solid move forward for you business.

The next session is where the rubber meets the road! Be refreshed and energized for this journey!