Doesn’t it feel great to have a unique personality? A clearly defined entity, different from others, helps you move forward with high confidence and pride. Individuals are not limited by the fears or judgments of others. They pave their own paths and contribute their great ideas to the world. Individuals live life with more joy. They know what they believe in and lead lives that are true to themselves. They understand the freedom offered by uniqueness. They know that a well-defined sense of self gives them the backbone to withstand criticism and bumps in the road. Only when you are true to yourself can you live with no regrets.

Experiences cultivate your personality and uniqueness

Brain researchers have discovered that individual experiences are what influences the development of new neurons, leading to measurable changes in the brain – in essence, individuality. Everything that happens to us -good or bad- shapes who we may become. Different personality traits and behaviors surface in response to challenges and changes faced in life. Who we are today may not be who we once were or who we will become. Accept that you are the unique byproduct of your experiences. While you cannot control every experience that you have in life, you can decide how to reflect upon your experiences and process them to form positive or negative neural pathways. You can also choose to seek out pleasant experiences that develop specific aptitudes, skills, interests, and qualities.

Respect the individuality of others

By the same token, you will take notice of character in others. You likely interact with many other people on a day-to-day basis. Some people may seem “odd” or a striking contrast to you. Give credit to others for the interesting viewpoints they provide to the discussion. Compliment others on their unique qualities. It is natural to look up to others, but avoid allowing the influence of others to sway your own personality, sense of style, or opinions. Sometimes, it’s all right to “agree to disagree” or to have two completely divergent views. If someone questions your actions, offer a respectful answer and justify your points with your own sense of individuality.

Respect the choices of others

Supportive family members and friends will love you for your strong-willed commitment and respect your choices, even if it makes them uncomfortable sometimes. Your actions relate to your past experiences, your unique interpretations of the present situation, and your beliefs about the future. Similarly, you should take care to respect the choices of others. You cannot know the totality of what they have experienced that has led them to their current crossroads. You do not understand all the emotions and beliefs that reside inside another person. Accept whatever choices made by others as an extension of their individual personalities, even if you do not understand or agree.


Empowering questions:

1. How do outside sources affect your sense of individuality and style?
2. What hints point to the fact that I am being true to myself?
3. When is it okay to rely on others’ viewpoints to help me decide?


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Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.

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