The phrase “show up” means more than just appearing physically, but appearing mentally as well. Putting in effort and being there emotionally for others are worthwhile endeavors in life that lead to greater success and more fulfilling relationships. Showing up is particularly important in marriage and parenting. It is important to help others who are in need of emotional support, even if we feel we have nothing to say or contribute. The cumulative effect of your presence helps sustain a bond.

 “80 percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

It takes great courage just to show up and be seen. There is a vulnerability in putting ourselves out into the world, among others, but we won’t find opportunity hiding beneath the blankets of our beds or lounging on our sofas. You may not feel 100% prepared for every activity or situation in life, but you may find that once you get there and set to work, the energy and drive to work soon emerge. Even if you fall short of the success you crave, you are furthering your goals through practice and expanding your determination. Give yourself credit for hard work and take pride in showing up, though it’s not always easy to do.

“Show up in every moment like you’re meant to be there.” – Marie Forleo 

Instead of looking at work, the gym, or another setting as “drudgery”, think of each moment as a piece of your destiny. Everything in your life was designed for you – whether it’s to learn a lesson, hone a skill, impart your wisdom upon others, or reveal a mystery. Delight in the moment even if the benefit is not immediately clear. Find a way past inertia and enjoy the opportunity to problem-solve. Take pleasure in the moment, but also keep in mind the purpose of your hard work and your long-term goals. This will enable you to push through small obstacles with the bigger picture in mind.

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing,” – Theodore Roosevelt 

Even if it feels safer to stay where you are, the decision to do nothing is still a decision with its own set of consequences. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and hope that conflicts will blow over and troubles will disappear. We are all responsible for the choices we make in life. If we take a false step, we can always work to rectify our mistakes.

Empowering questions: 

  1. How can I show up for others around me?
  2. Does showing up help me create opportunity?
  3. What area of my life do I want and need to show up more?


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Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.
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