Of all the mental skills, pattern recognition is believed to be most linked to general intelligence. People who recognize patterns know how to discern order from chaos. Patterns can be discovered in art, symbols, numbers, words, ideas, number, routines, and nature. Complex patterns give you a more thoughtful approach to deciphering the world. Critical analytic skills can help you at work, in personal relationships, and in general problem-solving. You develop the mathematical learning and social development centers in the brain when you practice pattern recognition. You have the ability to comprehend how complex patterns work to think more critically and move confidently in your environment.

Analyzing complex patterns is a developing skill

There are many ways to strengthen your pattern recognition and learning agility skills.  Researchers have found that children who participate in art, dance, music, martial arts, and team sports are better at pattern recognition. Students who took piano lessons, in particular, scored 34% higher than their peers after six months. You can also study disciplines like architecture, computer science, mathematics, or psychology. There are a number of smart phone apps to build this skill, including IQ Test FREE, Left vs. Right, and Chess Tactics.

Recognize Negative Relationship Patterns and Break free.

According to Dr. Kristin Davin Psy.D., there are several patterns beyond the typical infidelity, addiction, and poor communication that are toxic to a romantic relationship:

  • Communicating through text and burying one’s face in technology during conversations
  • Lack of common courtesy by making unilateral decisions or failing to tell whereabouts
  • Speaking negatively about a partner in the company of others or joking in a hurtful manner
  • Failure to let the small slights go, bringing up the past, and focusing on all the negatives
  • Not thanking a partner for doing chores, running errands, cooking, or other small things

Appreciate the role patterns play in your life

Patterns make life more intriguing. Having the power to understand patterns helps you predict behavior, make more informed decisions, and derive more interest in life. Read deeper meaning in patterns that you see by using your knowledge and creativity. Use pattern recognition for good — to create better relationships, develop positive profiles of people, and appreciate beauty in the world.



Empowering Questions:

  1. How do I develop my skills in deciphering complex patterns?
  2. What other roles do complex patterns play?
  3. How do I instill the knowledge of reading complex patterns in others?



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