Self-control, perseverance, and grit are the most important predictors of success – even more than IQ or socioeconomic background. Thankfully, persistence is a quality that can be cultivated. It’s a decision that we make to stick with what we’re doing, no matter what.

Our ability to recover from setbacks is governed by our ability to engage with people who are different, control our actions, ask curious questions, and think positively. Completing goals fast is satisfying, but the sweetest victories are those we’ve worked hard to achieve and defined ourselves in the process.

Let the promise of the future motivate your success

The promise of the future is a powerful motivator for success. Focus on your “purpose” and your “mission statement” for strength. Emotions threaten to stop us dead in our tracks or deter us off the rails onto a different course. Sticking to principles and stated objectives will help you stay on your path.

The most persistent people have all-consuming visions of their future success. If you really want something, nothing can stand in the way of your powerful desires. Sometimes you may need to take a break to rebuild energy and strength, but never lose sight of that grand hope.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

No matter how much you want something, staying continually motivated is difficult, especially when progress is slow. Developing habits is the best way to hack your way to the finish line. Certain habits help to motivate you for completing any task you set out to achieve.

Getting up early and going through a morning gratitude ritual gets your days off on the right foot. Putting in time doing at least one task related to your goal – even if it’s for less than an hour – keeps you constantly progressing. Surround yourself with motivators. Set up rewards when you hit milestones along the way to keep your enthusiasm up.

View challenges as opportunities to increase knowledge and skills

Learning from past mistakes is a way to remain positive and steadfast, despite obstacles. Reading stories of how others overcame challenges to succeed in the end can be a great source of inspiration and a helpful reminder that no life is perfect. Humans are highly adaptable.

You may need to alter your approach or wait a little longer for the payoff, but know that success is always within your grasp. The most persistent people know that life is a journey of dead-ends and detours. They know when to let go of ego and admit that something is not working. They are quick to incorporate new information and adapt to a better way.


Empowering questions:

  1. What is the connection between success and perseverance?
  2. How does my spirituality help me?
  3. What do I miss out on when I quit?



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Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.
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