Physical nourishment is just one type of fuel. Most basically, “nourishing your mind” means avoiding processed junk food and overindulgence in alcohol, caffeine, or other drugs. Strive to lead a pure existence. Hydrate your body with water and keep tabs on the vitamins and nutrients you’re getting. Choosing optimal nutrition gives you the power to heal and balance yourself. What you eat influences your emotions, feelings, moods, motivations, and ability to enjoy life with energy and enthusiasm. You may find it helpful to meet with a dietician to get a pulse on how well you’re fueling yourself with food.

Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes.

Cut people out of your life who you know will hurt you and attack your mind. Invite positive people into your life and focus on activities that nurture the “inner you.” Dine with companions who are great conversationalists to enhance your wellbeing and spiritual growth. Appreciate your company and the pleasant atmosphere that surrounds you.

Stir Your Soul with Meaningful Activities.

There are many soul-stirring activities to incorporate into your life:

  • Travel at least once a year even if it’s just a two-hour road trip or train ride to the next town over.
  • Visit an ethnic market, culinary institute, or gastropub to taste food you’ve never tried before.
  • Shop for a color you don’t normally wear, dye your hair, or get a new cut to reinvent yourself.
  • Make a pastry that requires some creative decorating work.
  • Learn the art of meditation to release yourself from negativity, worry, and mental clutter.
  • Create a home sanctuary – a place filled with everything you love and need to relax.
  • Get out into nature, taking a walk and soaking in the sights, sounds, and feelings.
  • Start a new ritual an hour before bed that doesn’t include television, computers, or phones.

Feed Your Mind With Creative Pursuits.

You are more than just a physical body; you are a unique spirit. To make sure your mind and soul are content, feed yourself with creative mediums like craft, literature, and melody. Regularly read spiritual books to reframe your perspective. You can find lists on Good Reads or the Amazon “Spiritual, Self-Help” list. Use online apps like Spotify or Amazon Music to discover new music. Look at Pinterest or visit your local craft store to find a project that excites you. Pick up an instrument you learned how to play that has been collecting dust and refresh your creative memory. Keep a personal journal of your daily thoughts and feelings to lead a spiritually rich life packed full of purpose and meaning.


Empowering Questions:

  1. What is the ideal blend of nourishment needed to cultivate my mind?
  2. What spiritual “food” do I need to grow my spirit?
  3. How can I deal with gloomy thoughts that threaten to shrink my world?



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Author: Lisa Morgan Mosley is a Certified Business Growth Coach practicing in the United States and Canada.
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