Life consists of a series of countless opportunities that can be seized. Each obstacle that comes your way presents an opportunity to test your abilities and skills. Challenges are your ticket to new opportunities, diverse skillsets, and positive achievements.

Take This Opportunity to Leave Stress Behind So You Can Move Forward.

Negativity fills your soul with lead, making it impossible to move out of neutral and accelerate toward your higher purpose. The preacher Joel Osteen once put it this way: “Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you.” Today, make a point to let go of the stress you’ve been carrying with you. Instead, ask yourself: How can I change my thoughts to get what I want out of life? What opportunities am I missing in my effort to control others?

Re-evaluate The steps You’re Taking.

Sometimes a challenge is a symptom of the sickness. Just as a health diagnosis helps us understand and confront what ails us in a new way, a challenge in business can give us similar motivation to understand and reevaluate the situation. What new perspective can you gain? How can you shift your plans, tactics, or focus to be better aligned with your greater goals and vision?

See The Opportunity For Connection.

Today, each and every moment is connected. You can rack up a long, long list of every way your day “went wrong” – as if the world conspired to bring you down. You can say to yourself, “Nothing ever goes right for me.” Or you can choose a different path. You can pay closer attention to your inner monologue to see how a negative tone could be poisoning your day. You can take a moment to consider the people you are shutting out who would be there in an instant to help lift your spirits. Strive to see connections between your everyday moments.



Empowering Questions:

  • How can I maintain focus by considering different opportunities?
  • How can I prioritize the opportunities that are presented?
  • When can I best organize and schedule my day?


Lisa Morgan Mosley
Business/Corporate Coach
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