Your subconscious mind can be a powerful source of inspiration when you give yourself over to your dreams. Sleep can be productive, as it allows you to see yourself in new situations. You may find the big picture comes into a clearer focus as your dreaming mind brings forth a set of priorities that will unlock greater fulfillment in your life.

Always Keep Your mind on the prize.

Spend some time pondering a particularly memorable dream to see if there are clues to your deeper feelings and motivations. Build a bridge to achievement by backing your dreams with SMART goals. Set daily goals that are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-based to move toward attaining your ultimate goal.

Celebrate the Dream and the dreamer.

Enjoy renewed excitement each day whenever you look at your goals toward success. Draw encouragement from your goals, dreams and ambitions. Revel in the wellspring of creativity present in your inner space, as you consider your dreams and goals. Your mind is always sorting life out, even as you are at rest. The answers you need will reveal themselves at the right time.

Move Confidently In the Direction of Your Dreams.

Try this positive affirmation: Today, I draw motivation when I envision beautiful things that are happening in my life. I am content with dreaming because I know I have the potential to achieve my goals.



 Empowering questions:

  1. How to know if the dreams I have are too lofty or attainable?
  2. How can I handle the dreams that are intimidating?
  3. Am I realistic about my goals?



Lisa Morgan Mosley
Business/Corporate Coach
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