At times we need to take a good long look in the mirror to check out “who” we have become.. You may be shocked and amazed to find that the person who is staring back at you no longer resembles how you remember yourself not so very long ago! The person in the mirror has traits of anger lines across her forehead and her beautiful laugh lines have turned downward to resemble the look of frown lines. The person in the mirror has pain stamped on her cheek bones, where the amazing dimples once lived..

What happened that caused the stresses of life to take over the jovial vivacious person that once existed? How and when did you let those unwavering fears of uncertainty, damming doubts, and victimization over- take the victorious antics of living? Where is the confident powerhouse of a woman that once was your reflection – again, not so very long ago…



Rise up! Rise up and become empowered by life and live it the way God intended! Rise up and take your life back!! Become inspired, become jubilant, become encouraged, become celebratory, become righteous, become alive, and most of all become EMPOWERED!

There’s a reason for your life; for God does not make mistakes! Shout back into the mirror that you will no longer tolerate anymore-wasted time on negative energy, or on mediocre efforts or wallowing in self-pity! This day is your day to change your paradigm! Begin right where you are, take small steps daily, and surround yourself with positive people that will encourage your efforts!

The choice to become victorious is yours! Choose EMPOWERMENT and be part of the SOLUTION, rather than part of the problem!