“I’m trying to find a suitable companion,” my girlfriend insisted.. “I don’t think you would know what a suitable companion looked like, if he were to knock on your front door..” I replied.

In terms of having a committed and healthy relationship, it seems in many cases that our “standards” are set extremely high! So, I have to ask a few logical questions… Are YOU ready for a formidable relationship? Additionally, do YOU demonstrate and have evidence of “ALL” the qualities that you are looking for in a “suitable” companion?


Let’s first and foremost address your readiness ~

Do you respect yourself.. enough? This is important, because if you don’t respect yourself enough, why would you expect a potential companion to give YOU respect that you desire and deserve? It’s a tough question, but a question that one needs to take very seriously!

Do you LOVE yourself.. enough? Be lovingly happy in the skin that you’re in! Love yourself so much, that it shouldn’t matter if you entertain a companion or not! A healthy relationship is a partnership that thrives on challenges that you can collectively overcome. Other positive attributes may include lots of Laughter and the ability to have constructive debates, while enjoying each others company! I remember my Parents having such a relationship! How blessed they were!

Now, let’s address the desired must haves in a companion~

Well, these requirements also begin with you!! Are you also independent, confident, fiscally responsible, funny, emotionally and spiritually grounded and able to communicate your thoughts, ideals and emotions in a way that is not perceived as combative? Again, tough questions; however we attract what we want, by being the women that we have become! To know Better, is to do Better! To do Better is to want Better… wanting more is your birthright! Make certain that you attract an asset, an emotional connection , a loving partnership.. and not a liability full of angst and drama.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”Maya Angelo

Remember, you are striving to be part of the SOLUTION and you are also an unofficial mentor to many other young women that admire your style. Please know that it matters not, if you have a “suitable” companion right now. ALWAYS Respect and Love yourself  and leave the rest to timing!