Do you feel like it’s much too late to achieve your goals and dreams? Many of the people that we know are currently operating in their gifts and talents. It can be discouraging, frightening and dispiriting for the late bloomers among us. However the good news is, many of the most successful people you may know didn’t live their passion until much later in life.

If you think you missed the boat because you’re middle-aged, you couldn’t be more mistaken. You’re mistaken even if you’re 80.

Success often isn’t achieved until later in life:


  • Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get his first big role until the age of 43. Prior to that he was a struggling actor with little future. Currently, people all over the world know him for his acting. How many movies, TV shows, and video games has he been in since that first big role in Jungle Fever? Greater than 145+. By the way, he also appears in various commercials!
  • Susan Boyle became a famous singer at the age of 47: After struggling with a learning disability as a child, and the death of her mother she became a famous singer at the age of 47. This dream was made true on “Britain’s Got Talent.” She has been nominated for nominated 13 times for various music awards and won 7 of them.
  • Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart at the age of 44. He had been successful in the retail community earlier in his career however, noting notable. Wal-Mart went on to become one the biggest companies in the world, and Walton became one of the world’s richest.
  • Stan Lee. Known to everyone as the creator of Spiderman and the X-Men. Stan Lee didn’t experience success until the age of 39. His most widely known work did not occur until several years after that. Who says it’s too late to do something incredible with your life?


  • Ronald Reagan never held a political office until the age of 55! He became one of the most popular presidents in modern history.
  • Colonel Sanders didn’t invent his famous chicken  until he was 50. His famous chain of restaurants is still doing well today. His likeness has been used to market KFC since the business launched circa 1940.
  • Momofuku Ando created Ramen Noodles at the age of 48. Many college students depend on Ramen noodles as an inexpensive meal with staying power. How many times have you had Ramen noodles in your lifetime?


  • Charles Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species at the age of 50. No book has had a greater effect on the theory of evolution than Charles Darwin’s iconic book.
  • Taikichiro Mori became a real estate investor at the age of 55. He was a professor before that. He was the richest man in the world in 1992 with a net worth $13 billion. He inherited his first building from his father. The rest he accomplished on his own.
  • Grandma Moses started painting at the age of 78. If you have the gumption, you can still make an impact after 70. One of her paintings sold for over a million dollars.
  • ­­Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t publish her first novel until she was 65-years old. She wrote an additional 12 novels after that. A successful television series was built around her series of books. Older children still read her books today.
  • Peter Roget created the first thesaurus when he was 73-years old. He was trained as a medical doctor but had an obsession with words, especially words that had the same meaning. He quit his medical career to focus on the creation of the first thesaurus. The most popular thesaurus in the world still bears his name.

It’s never too late to leave your mark on the world and to become the best version of yourself. Everyone was born with a unique gift to share with the world. Don’t allow your gift to die with you! Spend the later portion of your life pursuing something you love. There’s still time to do something amazing, therefore begin now and make it COUNT!

Lisa Morgan Mosley
Business/Corporate Coach
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